Photographer Richard ‘S’ Lee is a fourth generation Chinese American. A native San Franciscan, writer and former teacher, Lee has shown his work at the Chinese Historical Society of America, the Ellie and Eva Gallery in San Francisco Chinatown and at public libraries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Richard regularly speaks on the subject of “Taishan Today.”  This talk discusses the development of the modern Chinese diaspora and the circumstances that have created Chinese communities in 91 countries worldwide from Sydney to New York to Havana. He also speaks on “A Hamlet in China – a year in the life of a farmer.” He describes the planting and harvesting of rice, their celebrations, and their general living conditions.

Richard’s work focuses on telling the story of the Taishan region of southern China in Guangdong Provice, the ancestral homeland from which the great majority of the world’s overseas Chinese originated. In pursuit of this effort, Richard has made 20 trips to China and has taken more than 10,000 photographs of the Taishan area.

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