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Coal Fire Power Plant

This is one of the largest electricity generation plants.

Boat Sizes

The large boat is a medium size craft, and the small is just that, a small boat. On that small craft, notice the number of people . This…

Boulders in Chixi

In Chixi, these are famous boulders found only on the waters edge in Tiashan. People come from around the world just to see these boulders.

Backhoe and road construction

Taishan and China have been building new roads twenty-four seven. They have built thousands of miles of roads and toll-roads. Still it is not enough. With the opening of…


“See Haen” – the village altar. It is generally located at the entrance to the village. New Year’s, weddings, births, and other occasions, the people come here to pray…


Advertising involves posting bills around the neighborhood. The small ad is trying to sell a chicken farm covering 300 mu area, (60 acres), with 600 meters square covered….


At this resort, I took this photo because I was amazed at the waterline. It goes up the hill and out of sight.

Typical Toilet

This is a typical toilet in most homes and businesses. One squats and goes, (I don’t know whether you face the wall or the door). In the home…


This boat didn’t make it out of the harbor. It was shipwrecked.

Safe Haven For Boats

There are very few places boats can be safe from storms. But among these rocks, the boats are sheltered from the storm.

Overhang on Tri-motorcycle

To ward off the rain on a tri-motorcycle, they use an ‘overhang.’ It is a single point anchor, light weight that is like an umbrella built for a…

One Glove Fisherman

After I got a looked at the photo I noticed he had on one glove. I am curious about this fisherman wearing one glove. Why?


This fisherman is netting shrimp from the holding tank, (The holding tank keeps shrimp alive). He sells shrimp to  wholesalers.

Man Stepping Between Boats

This man is putting the things in order, ship shape and ready to go out tomorrow.

Boats and Resort

As Taishan people get more wealth they open more resorts and leisure activities.

Passive Net Fishing

I was told “this is passive net fishing.” The net leads the fish towards the end of the tee where they get trapped. The fishermen go out an…

Han How, Chixi

Han How has wide boulevards, modern buildings, signal lights, and all the amenities of a modern city. The only thing it lacks is enough people. I suspect the…

Han How Hospital

Like a modern big city, this village has a modern hospital. I suspect this village was build from the ground up via government decree.

Han How, Chixi

This is one of the newest and most modern village. It has wide main street, nice store fronts, adequate street lighting, mark cross walks, and signal lights. What…

Fishing Boats

Lots of fishing boats. China has 695,555 vessels. While Japan, the next largest fleet, has half that many. The Chinese has fished out their coastal water and now…

Fishermen Boats

Lots of fishing boats here. China has 695,555 vessels, more than double that of Japan, the next largest. It has fished out its coastal water and must now go…