Chuan Islands

Shang Chuan Downtown

Shang Chuan frontage road.

Shang Chuan Harbor

Shang Chuan harbor is busy with lots of small boats and freighters.


In the resort area, the hotels, restaurants, and beach are in a giant compound. It cost 50 rm. to enter. Outside is country side; inside one has access…

Xavier’s Graveyard

St. Francis Xavier graveyard – the site of his first burial.

Church of St. Frances Xavier

This church was build to honor Frances Xavier, the first Jesuit priest to land in China, 1553.

Woman Drying Table Clothes

Cargo Ship

Small ships deliver the freight to the island.

Backhoe and road construction

Taishan and China have been building new roads twenty-four seven. They have built thousands of miles of roads and toll-roads. Still it is not enough. With the opening of…


“See Haen” – the village altar. It is generally located at the entrance to the village. New Year’s, weddings, births, and other occasions, the people come here to pray…


Advertising involves posting bills around the neighborhood. The small ad is trying to sell a chicken farm covering 300 mu area, (60 acres), with 600 meters square covered….