Dil Lou

Setting the scene for the bandits to arrive, this Dil Lou keeps watch. Dil Lou’s were financed by Overseas Chinese. They were  built to combat roving bands of…


“See Haen” – the village altar. It is generally located at the entrance to the village. New Year’s, weddings, births, and other occasions, the people come here to pray…


Advertising involves posting bills around the neighborhood. The small ad is trying to sell a chicken farm covering 300 mu area, (60 acres), with 600 meters square covered….


This tractor is moving from one field to another.

An Abandon Stove

Along with  the abandon stove is what’s not visible is the rest of the house and village. People leave the village for high-rise apartments, dormitories in factory’s, or…

White Water Rafting

Water water rafting is not like America’s. In America, one is free to encounter every rock, every twist and turn, and, every drop. Here, in China, the water…

FuDo Resort

Tour buses dropping off visitors to the resorts. This resort includes hot springs, massage, and general relaxation.

Oyster Shucker

Everyday, she shucks oysters for restaurants, fast food stores, and individual clients.

Fish Sample

People often cook a pot of fish and to offer sample to would-be buyers. Amazingly, each sample tasted different.