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Raft And Bay

Fishermen tie-up their boats and go ashore on rafts.

Recycler, Homeless

Homeless man happy to find a bottle.

Raft, Crab Catch

Fishermen pole themselves ashore with their tiny catches.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards abound. From big cities to small villages, they broadcast information, government mandates, and, local rules.

Drying Shrimp

Dry shrimp in used as a favoring in a lot of Chinese cooking.

Town Gate

This gate was donated by overseas Chinese from Canada.

Fishing Boats Tied Up

Done for the day.

Ferry, Shang Chuan

Ferry’s run between Shang and Xia Chuan and Guang Hai.

Old Theater

This theater is on the main drag of Guang Hai. Before the advent of VHS tapes and DVDs, it was popular and well attended. When people stopped coming…

Old Theatre

My guess is the VHS and DVD’s put this theatre out of business. People are generally poor and they don’t want to take the time. Going to the…

Backhoe and road construction

Taishan and China have been building new roads twenty-four seven. They have built thousands of miles of roads and toll-roads. Still it is not enough. With the opening of…


“See Haen” – the village altar. It is generally located at the entrance to the village. New Year’s, weddings, births, and other occasions, the people come here to pray…


Advertising involves posting bills around the neighborhood. The small ad is trying to sell a chicken farm covering 300 mu area, (60 acres), with 600 meters square covered….


This WC is old and smells bad. But, don’t forget: “Bring Your Own Toilet Paper!”

Lonely Meat Vendor

In Guanghai, the main road is far away from here. On this secondary road, there is little competition. These vendors are lonesome waiting for customers.

Chickens on Bus

Chickens are bagged for transport. In this case, they are transported in the baggage hold of a bus.

Bean Sprouts Storage

Bean sprouts is a big business. The farmers bring tons of bean sprouts here. Here they are distributed to other parts of the city.

Chung Fun – Fast Food

Chung Fun is a popular dish for breakfast. It is  made to order, tasty, and cheap. Did I mention fast?


With firecrackers finish, this bride is going to the restaurant join the groom for the rest of the festivities.

Rafting Home

He poles his way to shore. When he gets to shore they will sell their catch and go home.

End of the Day

Fishermen have a long day. They come in, put up their boat, and pole into shore to sell their catch.