4-9 Clinic

People’s clinic in 4-9

Snake Trap

When I took take photo it was on the side of Bei Feng Shan (North Point Mountain). I assume it was a mouse trap. I was wrong. It…

Backhoe and road construction

Taishan and China have been building new roads twenty-four seven. They have built thousands of miles of roads and toll-roads. Still it is not enough. With the opening of…


“See Haen” – the village altar. It is generally located at the entrance to the village. New Year’s, weddings, births, and other occasions, the people come here to pray…


Advertising involves posting bills around the neighborhood. The small ad is trying to sell a chicken farm covering 300 mu area, (60 acres), with 600 meters square covered….

Dormitory Style

When living in a one room apartment one stuff overflows. Lack of storage space becomes a problem. I must say this is a family room because it has…

Tea Leaves Drying

This is how they dry tea leaves before toasting. Long beds of tea leaves with hot air from the weather being drawn over them. When they are dried…

Tea Factory Dormitory

This dormitory is for factory workers and their families.


At the  tea factory, this is one of the stoves in use. It uses wood for fuel. Then again, most of China still uses wood.

Washing Vegetables

Preparing dinner, she is washing vegetables under a faucet. The faucet is connected via PVC to a larger PVC which is connect to a storage tank up the…

Outhouse at Tea Factory

This is the outhouse at the tea factory. Notice that it is built over a big deep trench. While I am sure there is another bathroom, I am…

Tea Factory Dormitory

At the tea factory, the workers are given a place to stay. The bachelor is allowed one room; the families I do not know. This is a bachelor…

Bird in a Cage

Chinese have a particular fascination for birds. Birds appear in Chinese mythology such as: The Red Bird is the power of the south. The Phoenix is the emperor of all birds….

Hot Afternoon Sun

In the hot afternoon sun, the tea factory work rests. Meanwhile, the wife prepares dinner. In the background, you a can see the tea plants.

Bok Fon Shan

This is the highest peak in Taishan. It is designate a national park with lots of acreage for hiking including a hike to the peak.

Truck Vendor

This truck vendor sells ginger, garlic, and, sweet potatoes.

Special Economic Zone

SEZ – where the working adults go to earn better wages than farming.