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Dragon Boats

Dragon Boats are popularly supported by the government of Taishan. The logistics involved are heavy and a lot of preparations must be made before the first race; this…

Spreading the Frosting

This baker is demonstrates the freshness of the cake by  frosting it in public.

Community Toilet

This village is in the heart of town; the toilet is used by the residents of this village. The few new buildings with indoor plumbing are mixed in with…

Dual Poncho

One poncho covers two persons like what this woman and her son is wearing.

Rainy Traffic

Rain does not keep people from going where they want to go. This includes the man on the cellphone with prone tanks on his bike.

Melon Sales in the Rain

Despite the rain, sales must go on.

Rainy Weather

People waiting for the bus in rainy weather. Rainy weather is prevalent during the months of July and August because Taishan is close to the sea,

Welfare Lottery

There are all sorts of Lottery in China. Some benefit welfare recipients, hospitals, and emergency relief. This lottery benefits sports. Regardless, the lottery here, like in America, is a…

Conducting Inventory

Since the opening of China, some entrepreneurs have build chain stores. They have hired girls to conduct inventory, stock shelves, check out customers. I notice the stores conduct…

Holding a Brush

Anthony, an art instructor, teaches a student how to hold a brush. To write the full range of characters, one has to hold the brush perpendicular to the…

Girl and Her Mom

I noticed a lot of kids wait for their parents to get off work. In a one-person business, this means the kids stay with their parents the whole…

School Children Marching

These children march through town. Their enthusiasm and élan  generated a lot of cheers.

Fire Department

The fire department here is no different then any other in the world.

Fried Eggs

Eggs are a common sight. People sell fresh, boil, preserved, and fried eggs. At a shopping mall promotion, this woman sells with her own twist fried eggs.

Chung Fun

Chung fun is fast food. You order it with the ingredients you like. Almost instantly, she ladle a scoop of liquid dough in the pan, adds your ingredients,…

Garment Factory

These people are trimming the loose threads, correcting misalignments, and, in general, looking at the quality of the product. As I understand it, as a group, they are paid…

Geese and Housing

In this relative new housing, the geese farm was next door. I don’t know if the neighbors like it but the geese generate a lot of noise.

Girl in the Playpen

On weekends, Si Hua Shan is filled with vendors, rides, and games. In one of the concession, this woman is playing with her son.

Fresh Goat

To demonstrate freshness, on-the-spot they slaughter the goat, skin it, and, sell its parts. Each part has a different price. BTW: these people are from western China.

Trash, Trash, and More Trash

The amount of trash generate in this town knows no bounds.  People litter all over the place. There a constant parade of sweepers going around the town just…

Fresh Goat

People like fresh meat – the fresher, the better. This man is cutting off a portion of fresh goat just sold.