Tag: basket

Man Harvesting Mushroom

Mushroom grow in the dark on small cylinder stuff with a specific type of wood chip.

Clams for sale

Clams for sale in shops that specialize in seafood

Sorting Peanuts

This woman is sorting the peanuts from the vegetation, both are edible.

Basket Vendor

People make baskets out of bamboo and sell them.

Shrimp Being Weighed and Transferred

These wholesalers weighed the shrimp in the basket. They are transferring the shrimp from the basket to the square-net. The square-net fits neatly into a slot located inside…

Toddler with Chicks

All the chicks are running loose while this toddler is looking for more.

Chickens for Sale

Chinese like their meat fresh. After they purchase a chicken they take it to be cleaned by a “chicken dresser.”

Walnut Vendor

No store, no market place, and no place else to go. She is seeking customers and must endure boredom of waiting.