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Snack Shack Woman On Roof

At the school entrance was this snack shack.

Fish Monger

The fish is weigh and then cleaned.

Ice Man Cometh

Ice is a common commodity used for storing fish and vegetables in transport.

Combine Can’t Get It All

This woman follows the combine on the field. She cuts the grains which the combine can’t reach and throw it into the combine.

Basket Vendor

People make baskets out of bamboo and sell them.

Cardboard Recycler

This cardboard recycler is serious. Just look at her bicycle and the cardboard. In China anything which can be recycled is recycled. They are short of natural resources.

Vegetable Vendor in the Rain

Vendors must sell, rain or shine, to earn their daily bread. The Chinese pick┬áthe best fresh vegetables they can find.┬áThe veggies should be young and tender, have a…

Bicycle Repair

Everyone’s bicycle needs repair sometime. These one-man shops are everywhere in Taicheng. Bicycle still remain the number one form of transportation.

Tot on a Bicycle

Bicycles are the main means of transportation.