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Dragon Boat Practice

Each year the towns which comprise Taishan compete.

Boat leaving for fishing

Boat leaving

Boat Sizes

The large boat is a medium size craft, and the small is just that, a small boat. On that small craft, notice the number of people . This…

Slapping Fisherman

This fisherman is slapping the river with his pole. By slapping the water, he hopes to drive the fish into nets he had set up before hand.


This fisherman is netting shrimp from the holding tank, (The holding tank keeps shrimp alive). He sells shrimp to  wholesalers.

Fishermen Cleaning Their Nets

After a hard day fishing, the boat pulls in and the fishermen starts cleaning their nets.

Ship at Rest

Large ships wait for their turn at the facilities.

Repair Boat

The workers are taking a lunch break. When working, they go along the river banks cleaning and repairing what is necessary.

Landmark Development

The Landmark development was one of the most ambitious. It developed the land between bridges by building housing, adding a high end shopping mall, and cleaning up the…

End of the Day

Fishermen have a long day. They come in, put up their boat, and pole into shore to sell their catch.