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Raft And Bay

Fishermen tie-up their boats and go ashore on rafts.

Shang Chuan Harbor

Shang Chuan harbor is busy with lots of small boats and freighters.

Village On The River

Village on the river.

Cleaner, Ren Kung Wu

In his boat, he goes around Ren Kung Wu Lake cleaning.

Casting Net

Fishing is a passion and an occupation.

Boat leaving

Fishing Boats Tied Up

Done for the day.

Ferry, Shang Chuan

Ferry’s run between Shang and Xia Chuan and Guang Hai.

Boats At Low Tide

Boats anchored at a broken bridge.

Quiet Evening By the Lake

All quiet, The evening is settle in. Most people are eating dinner before coming out to enjoy the lake and its environs.

Safe Haven For Boats

There are very few places boats can be safe from storms. But among these rocks, the boats are sheltered from the storm.

Man Stepping Between Boats

This man is putting the things in order, ship shape and ready to go out tomorrow.

Boats and Resort

As Taishan people get more wealth they open more resorts and leisure activities.

Fishermen’s Hovel

In the foreground is the fishermen’s boats. In the background is the fishermen’s hovel which they occasionally sleep in, but, mostly, they use to rest and dress.

Boats at Rest

These fishing boats are done for the day. They are shallow draft and their motors are tilted up. The fishermen tied them up close and walk to shore.

Beach and boats

The fishermen land their craft on this beach.

Along the River

They built a huge shopping center along the river. It failed. Cleaning up the river is the boat’s function. It succeed.

Boats At Low Tide

See if you can spot the guy paddle boarding.