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Reeds, Bridge, and Rest

South lake of Ren Kung Wu. The lake is covered with beautiful flowers in the fall.

Ren Kung Wu Panorama

Northern edge of north lake of Ren Kung Wu.

Woman On Tricycle

This woman had a hard day.

Village On The River

Village on the river.

Classic Ren Kung Wu

Bridge with mini-pagoda, Ren Kung Wu.

Dragon Boat Practice

Each year the towns which comprise Taishan compete.

Bridge of Matrimony

Each year, hundreds of brides come to the bridge for pictures.


Ren Kung Wu has multiple bridges and islands.

Bridge And Trees

Ren Kung Wu has multiple bridges and islands.

New Bridge

To enter town from the south side was difficult. Traffic was back up during the commute hours. Now, they are building a new bridge.

As the wealth of Taishan increases more access is being created, that is more bridges across rivers. Pretty soon, it will be like America where the rivers and…

Gai Shui Bridge

This small and narrow bridge connects rural farms to the main road.

Sky Bridge

This sky bridge overlooks Pu Hung Jie, people walking street. It is a landmark.

Building a Resort

Rumour has it this resort is being finance and built by the Japanese. It involves housing (condos and homes), convention centre, hotel,spa, and hot springs. As one can…


A foot bridge lets everybody take a shortcut.

Ren Kung Wu

The reflection of the bridge is a circle which represents “completion.”