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Community Toilet

This village is in the heart of town; the toilet is used by the residents of this village. The few new buildings with indoor plumbing are mixed in with…

Shang Chuan Downtown

Shang Chuan frontage road.

Inside The Bus

A view from inside the bus.

Qian Cheng

Preparing for a celebration.

Harvest, Hauling Rice

Husband and wife haul just harvested rice home.

Downtown Taicheng

The first sign of modernization was when this shopping mall was built in 1997.

4-9 Clinic

People’s clinic in 4-9

Phone Protectors For Sale

On Pu Hung Jie, these entrepreneurs  wait for the crowds.

Overseas Chinese Office

The Overseas Chinese office is helpful in finding your roots.

Preserving Taishan’s Heritage

The curator is photographing the building across the way. Back in her lab, she researches the building. And, if note-worthy, she attaches a plate to the building designating…

Meeting Hall

It is rumoured that Mao Zedong gave a speech in this hall.

Town Gate

This gate was donated by overseas Chinese from Canada.

Dil Lao

Between the time of the overthrow of the Emperor and the Japanese invasion, China was rife in bandits and warlords. Overseas Chinese help build these “Dil Lao” to…

Crab Anyone?

This woman is selecting a fresh crab for dinner.

Slew Fat Building

When people need legal help they come to this place. It is a lawyers building. They are suppose to help everyone from the wealthy to the indigent.

New Construction

All over Taishan, apartments and condominiums are going up, then, followed by shopping centers. All this was bought on by the factories in Taishan’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ). These…

New Building in Old Spot

In Tai Cheng, property is astronomical and difficult to purchase. So, the owner decided to remodel. One can see a major remodel took place on this spot new floors,…

Family Planning Office

Every town has one of these. Prior to 2016, China had a one child policy.

“Hop Xien” district government building

This building houses the government of Hop Lien district. District offices function like our councilperson’s offices.

Street in Sanhe

Rainy day in Sanhe.


This is a cineplex with five or six screen.