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Reeds, Bridge, and Rest

South lake of Ren Kung Wu. The lake is covered with beautiful flowers in the fall.

Skyline Taicheng

Skyline of Taicheng.

Village On The River

Village on the river.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

Taicheng Street Scene

A crowded street, people rushing, cars crushing, and people getting no where fast.

San Clop Street Scene

San Clop, in a small town, hardly anyone walks the streets.

Taicheng Cityscape

Like all cities, Taishan has its share of congestion.

Apartment Buildings

One can compare the old building (middle) with the new ones.

Gai Shui Wu Bin

This little village is where my mom lived for age 3 to 10.

Woman and Baby

Woman standing in doorway rocking baby. Her place is small.

Modern Middle School

This Yoke Yen middle school. The school  has hundreds of students in attendance. Students also start dormitory life if they test into the school and live far away….

Mei Courtyard

This beautiful plaza is huge with lots of different facades.

Ice Man Cometh

Ice is a common commodity used for storing fish and vegetables in transport.

Combine in the Field

The combine harvests one mu at a time. They get paid by the mu.

Transit Operator

Usually when transit operators come around that is an indication of potential change. In this older part of town, some of the structures are in danger of being…

‘Tiger’ Crossing Road

When a ‘car’ needs repair it is taken across the road to a ‘garage.’ When done the boy drives it across the road to Shi Fa Shan park…

Swimming Pool

In a more expensive gated community, this swimming exist for use of the residents. There are also swim lessons.

Sky Bridge

This sky bridge overlooks Pu Hung Jie, people walking street. It is a landmark.

Second Hand Motorcycles

Generally, motorcycle have a thirteen year life on the road, according to the Chinese government. Afterwards, they sold off to people who don’t drive on the  road but…


Kindling is always needed for wood-burning stoves. Even though the town is modernizing some people are left behind.

Han How, Chixi

Han How has wide boulevards, modern buildings, signal lights, and all the amenities of a modern city. The only thing it lacks is enough people. I suspect the…