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Inside The Bus

A view from inside the bus.

South Bus Station

Stations are designated by their location. This one is located in the south and handles most of the traffic heading south.


The buses are fairly modern with video monitor for backing-up.

Woman and Toddler

Woman and toddler returning from market.

Buses In The Rain

Buses in the rain.

Reflection off a Tour Bus

In this reflection from a tour bus, one can see the happy face (non-reflective) and a tourist. These buses¬†originate in Hong Kong to tour Taishan. Most of the…

Chickens on Bus

Chickens are bagged for transport. In this case, they are transported in the baggage hold of a bus.

School Bus

This modern school bus picks up kids in otherwise underserved areas.

Fudo Hot Springs

The tour buses bring in lots of customers to this is a high-end resort with pools of hot-springs, a large relaxing area, and snacks to choose from.

FuDo Resort

Tour buses dropping off visitors to the resorts. This resort includes hot springs, massage, and general relaxation.

Bus Seat

The box is not a seat. It is a bin for storing items to be delivered at various stops, an informal FedEx.

Waiting for Bus

People all over the world including Taishan wait for buses.