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The buses are fairly modern with video monitor for backing-up.

Police car

Meeting Hall

It is rumoured that Mao Zedong gave a speech in this hall.

Dried Egg Yolks

Dried salted egg yolks are very popular as a side dish or ground up as an ingredient.

Ice Man Cometh

Ice is a common commodity used for storing fish and vegetables in transport.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain can’t keep people indoors when they must go out.


This tractor is moving from one field to another.

‘Tiger’ Crossing Road

When a ‘car’ needs repair it is taken across the road to a ‘garage.’ When done the boy drives it across the road to Shi Fa Shan park…


Kindling is always needed for wood-burning stoves. Even though the town is modernizing some people are left behind.

Sentry at Gated Community

The level of wealth is defined by the security guard and gate. The better the uniform on the guard the richer the inhabitants. If the gate has an…

Chixi Resort Area

There are hotels and restaurant galore among the part of Chixi. The resort area has a lot to offer like swimming, boating, fishing, and day hikes.

Tools of the Trade

Auto detailers work very hard for their money. They need to be organized, disciplined, and ready to work.


Automobiles are a pride to the Chinese. Only the upper middle class and above own them. As such, they maintain and keep them in mint condition.

Automobile For Sale

China makes one out of every five cars in the world. They are sold throughout eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.


Most simple businesses operate on the sidewalk like the mechanic.

Abandoned Van

This van has been sitting abandoned. Note is four flat tires, leaves  under the car and on the roof.

Three -Wheel Automobile

Three-wheel automobile are plentiful but not common.