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Dual Poncho

One poncho covers two persons like what this woman and her son is wearing.


Spire was built to attract tourists.

Woman On Tricycle

This woman had a hard day.

Wedding Preppers

Wedding are the most expensive thing in a couple’s life.

Gold Columns

This is the first shopping mall in Taishan.

Narrow Road

Our bus driver follows the pickup as they make their way though traffic.

Taicheng Cityscape

Like all cities, Taishan has its share of congestion.

Taishan Sign, Traffic

The highways are always congested, too few roads.

4-9 Clinic

People’s clinic in 4-9

Automobile for sale

Automobiles are a luxury given the price versus the income. Motorcycle and bicycle remained the main means of transportation. Note: The average income of the urban worker is…

Town Gate

This gate was donated by overseas Chinese from Canada.

Kids Electric Cars

These electric cars are designed for kids. After the kids get out of school and the parents off of work, they come to play at Shi Far Shan….

Gated Community

The middle class has discovered gated communities, more are on the way. This is the main entrance. Security guard is on 24 hours. They also have gardeners and…

Street Scene

Street Scene