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Naan Vendor

Naan vendors making, baking and selling their bread.

Orange Man

Orange vendor lets the woman pick her own oranges.

Tired Vegetable Vendor

Food vendors work long hours.

Baby Clothes Sales

Egg Sandwich

Many in Taishan have the entrepreneur spirit. One can open a ‘restaurant’ on a cart.

Woman Pulling Cart

This woman is moving goods from one end of the street to the other. They are hoping for better sales.

WC in Town

There are WC’s are all over town. The problem is most the older homes still lack basic plumbing. Chamberpots areĀ used at night; in the day, they are emptied…

Vendor and Little Girl

This little girl can barely peer into the cart but she knows what she wants. These carts usually sell boil turnip and pig intestines.

Moving Inventory

These girls are moving inventory from one location to another. It is common practice on Pu Hung Jie (People Walking Street). Some of the stores are owned by…


With a simple cart, some clothes, and a place to sell, this entrepreneur is in business. She has to get the clothes, secure the cart, and march to…

Lone Vendor in the Rain

Rain or shine, vendors work all hours and weather.