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Dai Gong, Hanging Clothes

Women washing and drying clothes.

Baby Clothes Sales

Drumming Up Business

High on a ladder she perches, shouting into the microphone and waving a sign, “Come Shop Here,” she seems to say.

Woman Drying Vegetables

Too much vegetables to sell, so she is drying some.

Drying Clothes

Most people don’t have clothes dryers. Most of them don’t have washers either. They wash and dry where they can even in the streets.

Drying Clothes

In the old parts of town, driers are not used. Typically, the poorer people live there and they cannot afford a drier. If they could afford a drier…

Tee-Shirt Shop

Tee-shirts the way you like them. This man will make any tee shirt. You pick the material, size, and design.

Tea Factory Dormitory

This dormitory is for factory workers and their families.

Tea Factory Dormitory

At the tea factory, the workers are given a place to stay. The bachelor is allowed one room; the families I do not know. This is a bachelor…


With a simple cart, some clothes, and a place to sell, this entrepreneur is in business. She has to get the clothes, secure the cart, and march to…

Clothes Vendors

These clothes vendors sell clothes every day in the same spot. They pull their cart up close, set up their stands, hang their clothes, and wait for customers.