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Man Walking In Rain

Man walking his motorcycle in the rain.

Military Owned Hospital

Out in the country, this hospital serves military and civilian personnal.

Village On Both Sides Of River

Village on both sides of the river.

Village On The River

Village on the river.

Village In The Valley

Quiet, unassuming, and docile, this village provides some of the town’s workforce.

A Quiet Country Road

A quiet country road.


While the rice is growing, these farmers are tending their crops. The crops are important because it is food for them as well as supplemental income. In the…

Countryside in the Rain

During the rain people rest or do work indoors. The rice is planted and the fields are growing. The tricyclist peddles down the road. Quiet.

TV producers

TV production is a big business in Taishan and China. With 14 million sets in China that is an insatiable hole to fill.


This WC is old and smells bad. But, don’t forget: “Bring Your Own Toilet Paper!”

Washing Vegetables

Preparing dinner, she is washing vegetables under a faucet. The faucet is connected via PVC to a larger PVC which is connect to a storage tank up the…

Fish Reservoir

This reservoir provides water to the field and fish to the farmers. As one can see, there is an aerator in the middle of the water.