Tag: entrepreneur

Checking Bills

Counterfeiting is widespread. This includes bills, shoes, cellphone and more.

Stick Stick Man

Stick-Stick men hang around shopping malls, train stations and bus depots. In this case, a funeral.

Restaurant On Move

This mobile restaurant has all it needs to be in business – food, cooking equipment, and chairs.

Dentist, Street

Most of the people are poor and cannot afford a ‘real’ dentist.

Cross Stitching

Cross stitching is another way of earning extra money.

Baby Clothes Sales

Egg Sandwich

Many in Taishan have the entrepreneur spirit. One can open a ‘restaurant’ on a cart.

Basket Vendor

People make baskets out of bamboo and sell them.

20 Videos On A Disc

Twenty bootleg movies for 30 RMB ($5 US).


With a simple cart, some clothes, and a place to sell, this entrepreneur is in business. She has to get the clothes, secure the cart, and march to…