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Collecting Organic Feed

The farmer contracts with meat vendors in the market to buy the remains. He takes the remains home to feed his pigs or fish.

I Gotta Fish!

Fishing is a popular hobby.

Dried Fish

Fish are sold in different amounts. They cut off the amount the customer wants.

Fish Monger

The fish is weigh and then cleaned.


Taishan has hundred of miles of rivers and shoreline. Fishing is one of their main industries.

‘Duckbill’ Fish

In America, it is called paddlefish.

Dried Fish

Here’s one example of dried fish.

Dried Fish Salesman

This man use to live in San Francisco, now his lives in Taishan. When he lived in San Francisco for five years, he had a menial job, long…

Snake With Fish

I saw this flash in the water. I could’t make it out until it got closer. A snake with a fish in its mouth. He was swimming around…

Slapping Fisherman

This fisherman is slapping the river with his pole. By slapping the water, he hopes to drive the fish into nets he had set up before hand.


This fish monger holds an entire paddlefish. Although it is boney, a lot of people like paddlefish. In Taishan, there are restaurants which specializes in paddle fish.

Paddlefish Head

These are the remains of the fishes sold. The fishmonger will sell whatever parts the customer wants, leaving the reminder to be sold or scraped.


These aerators are used in reservoirs and ponds. They put air into the water to keep fish and other aquatic creatures alive.

Fish Reservoir

This reservoir provides water to the field and fish to the farmers. As one can see, there is an aerator in the middle of the water.

Fishing Gear

Fishing is one of the greatest hobbies. This store sells all kind of fishing equipment.

Medicinal Pool

In the medicinal section of the spa is a pool filled with tiny fish. The fish nibble away all the dead skin.

Oyster Shucker

Everyday, she shucks oysters for restaurants, fast food stores, and individual clients.

Fish Sample

People often cook a pot of fish and to offer sample to would-be buyers. Amazingly, each sample tasted different.

Average Meal

The average meal consist of vegetables with meat for flavor, fish, and rice.