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Raft And Bay

Fishermen tie-up their boats and go ashore on rafts.

Raft, Crab Catch

Fishermen pole themselves ashore with their tiny catches.


This fisherman is netting shrimp from the holding tank, (The holding tank keeps shrimp alive). He sells shrimp to  wholesalers.

Fishermen’s Hovel

In the foreground is the fishermen’s boats. In the background is the fishermen’s hovel which they occasionally sleep in, but, mostly, they use to rest and dress.

Fishermen Cleaning Their Nets

After a hard day fishing, the boat pulls in and the fishermen starts cleaning their nets.

Boats at Rest

These fishing boats are done for the day. They are shallow draft and their motors are tilted up. The fishermen tied them up close and walk to shore.

Rafting Home

He poles his way to shore. When he gets to shore they will sell their catch and go home.

End of the Day

Fishermen have a long day. They come in, put up their boat, and pole into shore to sell their catch.

Beach and boats

The fishermen land their craft on this beach.