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Dong, Quail Eggs, and Other Goodies

Kim sells cooked food – Dong, Quail Eggs, and Tae – on the corner. They hired help to expand the business.

Naan Vendor

Naan vendors making, baking and selling their bread.

Restaurant On Move

This mobile restaurant has all it needs to be in business – food, cooking equipment, and chairs.

Bok Choy Drying

For centuries people have been preserving food by drying.

Bok Choi Drying

People dry all kinds of vegetables, fruits and meats. It is one of the oldest traditions to preserve foods.

Tired Vegetable Vendor

Food vendors work long hours.


These were smaller than American frogs. Frogs are sold for food.

Food Safety Sign

All restaurants must display this sign.

Quan Yin worshipers

Dried Fish

Here’s one example of dried fish.

Dried Salted Fish

Dried salted fish is a staple if the Chinese diet. There a huge variety of fish to choose from.

Dried Fish Salesman

This man use to live in San Francisco, now his lives in Taishan. When he lived in San Francisco for five years, he had a menial job, long…

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is expensive and delicious. Yum.

Dog is served

Dogs are part of the poor’s diet while the wealthy collect them as pets.

Sorting Peanuts

This woman is sorting the peanuts from the vegetation, both are edible.


Chicks are grown in a hatchery until three months old. Then they are sold.

Buying Cauliflower

People go shopping everyday because they  like their food fresh.

Cargo Ship

Small ships deliver the freight to the island.

Fast Foods – Chinese Style

These cooked foods are “Fast Food’ Chinese style. All over China people buy them on the go. Eggs, corn, taro, potatoes and dong¬†(Chinese tamales) are kept hot and…

Grandma Preparing Food

Grandma prepares food for grandson who is playing. Grandparents are expected to take care of the grandchildren while the parents go out and earn money. Often, the parents…

Hot Pot

Hot pot is a leisurely meal in which the parties cook the ingredients themselves. Then, they dip the food into sauces and eat.