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Harvesting the granite made the village wealthy and gave them money to invest in a dragon fruit orchard.

Dragon Fruit Orchard

Gardener pruning trees in the dragon fruit orchard.

Tired Vegetable Vendor

Food vendors work long hours.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is expensive and delicious. Yum.

Fruit Vendors

My cousin, Yuen, sells fruit when its in season. There are five persons in their cohort. They have four carts and travel together to get the fruit, sell…

Security Guard

In the rush of daily business, the bank security guard is forgotten. The truck and him blend into the background.

Fruit Vendor in the Rain

Rain or shine, vendors have to be out there selling. She has for sale wampee fruit. Medicinal Uses The wampee┬áis said to have stomachic and cooling effects and…

Peach Vendor

This fruit vendor sells peaches from the back of his electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are cheap, easy to maintain, and rechargeable. The vendor does not travel far to…

Night Market

People like their fruits and vegetables fresh.