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Xavier’s Graveyard

St. Francis Xavier graveyard – the site of his first burial.

Village In The Valley

Quiet, unassuming, and docile, this village provides some of the town’s workforce.


Gate into a village.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

Overseas Chinese Office

The Overseas Chinese office is helpful in finding your roots.

Modern Middle School

This Yoke Yen middle school. The school  has hundreds of students in attendance. Students also start dormitory life if they test into the school and live far away….

Town Gate

This gate was donated by overseas Chinese from Canada.

Memorial Gate

Gateway to the village. This is a memorial gate dedicated to their parents. It was financed by overseas Chinese.

Fancy Gate

This fancy gate leads to a small village in the town. It contains the village office, Na Ma Xin Jai Chuan,  and severals small businesses.


This gate into Phoenix condos and apartments. Security is tight, the gate guards check everybody.