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Melon Sales in the Rain

Despite the rain, sales must go on.

Girl and Her Mom

I noticed a lot of kids wait for their parents to get off work. In a one-person business, this means the kids stay with their parents the whole…

Girl in the Playpen

On weekends, Si Hua Shan is filled with vendors, rides, and games. In one of the concession, this woman is playing with her son.


Gate into a village.


The equivalent to FedEx, China uses motorcycles to deliver packages.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

Gai Shui Wu Bin

This little village is where my mom lived for age 3 to 10.


Homework, the bane of all students around the world, yet one must do it to remain competitive, ┬áChina has one of the most competitive education systems in the…

Vendor and Little Girl

This little girl can barely peer into the cart but she knows what she wants. These carts usually sell boil turnip and pig intestines.

Washing Vegetables

Preparing dinner, she is washing vegetables under a faucet. The faucet is connected via PVC to a larger PVC which is connect to a storage tank up the…

Puzzle Sell Great!

These kids are selling puzzles of Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and other famous landmarks, places Taishan people have little chance to see.

Muslim Girl and Puzzle Sales

Puzzle sales are going okay. They also sell clothes and blankets at a different location. The girl is a muslim as well as the rest of the family….


With a simple cart, some clothes, and a place to sell, this entrepreneur is in business. She has to get the clothes, secure the cart, and march to…

Absorbed in Cell Phone

She is eating breakfast at the edge of the road. Her eyes never left her cell phone.

Street in Sanhe

Rainy day in Sanhe.

Art Instruction

Girl Looking At Leaves

This is a reservoir located at a temple. This girl descended the stairs just to look at the leaves.


Upscale mattress and bedding stores are popping up. Mostly, due to remissions from factory workers and overseas Chinese.