Tag: house

Woman and Baby

Woman standing in doorway rocking baby. Her place is small.

Quiet Country Road

A beautiful quiet country road.

Woman Drying Vegetables

Too much vegetables to sell, so she is drying some.

‘Sand’ Building

This building is at least a hundred or two hundred years old. It is made from oversized¬†bricks. (Some extra bricks can be seen in the photo.) The bricks…

Cardboard Recycler

This cardboard recycler is serious. Just look at her bicycle and the cardboard. In China anything which can be recycled is recycled. They are short of natural resources.

Vacant House

Lots of houses in gated community’s are still for sale. I went inside one house and found it bare, just waiting for someone to call it home.

Convention Center, Hotel and Hot Springs

The hotel is the tall structure in the middle, attached to the left side is the convention centre, and slightly lower right is the hot springs.¬†Along the foreground…

Sentry at Gated Community

The level of wealth is defined by the security guard and gate. The better the uniform on the guard the richer the inhabitants. If the gate has an…