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Reeds, Bridge, and Rest

South lake of Ren Kung Wu. The lake is covered with beautiful flowers in the fall.


The first shopping center as viewed from Count Penninsula’s 18th floor.

Kung Fu

Saturday morning, Kids attend a Kung Fu class by Ren Kung Wu, a lake.

Cleaner, Ren Kung Wu

In his boat, he goes around Ren Kung Wu Lake cleaning.

Classic Ren Kung Wu

Bridge with mini-pagoda, Ren Kung Wu.


Nightshot of the Spire, Count Penninsula, and activities at the Lake’s edge.

Bridge of Matrimony

Each year, hundreds of brides come to the bridge for pictures.

Quiet Evening By the Lake

All quiet, The evening is settle in. Most people are eating dinner before coming out to enjoy the lake and its environs.

Ren Kung Wu

The lake is popular. At night, they are allow to drive in, set up, cook dinner, and party.

Building a Resort

Rumour has it this resort is being finance and built by the Japanese. It involves housing (condos and homes), convention centre, hotel,spa, and hot springs. As one can…


This barber set up business around the lake, a mirror, a chair, and haircutting and shaving tools – 15 rmb

Around the Lake

Vendors set up their goods around the lake hoping to catch the tourist.

Ren Kung Wu

The reflection of the bridge is a circle which represents “completion.”