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Spreading the Frosting

This baker is demonstrates the freshness of the cake by  frosting it in public.

Fresh Goat

To demonstrate freshness, on-the-spot they slaughter the goat, skin it, and, sell its parts. Each part has a different price. BTW: these people are from western China.

Fresh Goat

People like fresh meat – the fresher, the better. This man is cutting off a portion of fresh goat just sold.

Herb Vendor

In Taishan and the rest of China, herbs are a common commodity. People put herbs in their soup, mixed in with vegetables, and stewed with their meats. They…

Stove Technician

A technician repairs a stove. We, in America, would throw out a small item such as this portable stove.

Herb Vendor

This herb vendor cuts up the herbs getting it ready for sale.

Recycler, Homeless

Homeless man happy to find a bottle.

Kung Fu

Saturday morning, Kids attend a Kung Fu class by Ren Kung Wu, a lake.

Meat Cutter

Pork, chicken and fish are the most common meats sold.

Mohawk Driver

A “mohawk” man waits for his next customer.

Naan Vendor

Naan vendors making, baking and selling their bread.

Wok Cooking

Cooking for a birthday celebration.

Cleaner, Ren Kung Wu

In his boat, he goes around Ren Kung Wu Lake cleaning.

Checking Bills

Counterfeiting is widespread. This includes bills, shoes, cellphone and more.

Stick Stick Man

Stick-Stick men hang around shopping malls, train stations and bus depots. In this case, a funeral.

Orange Man

Orange vendor lets the woman pick her own oranges.

Qian Cheng

Preparing for a celebration.


Harvesting the granite made the village wealthy and gave them money to invest in a dragon fruit orchard.

Drying Grain

After the floods, mattress and rice is spread across the drive way to dry.

Family On Motorcycle

For most Chinese, motorcycle is the main form of transportation.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.