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Meat Cutter

Pork, chicken and fish are the most common meats sold.

Checking Bills

Counterfeiting is widespread. This includes bills, shoes, cellphone and more.

Rabbit For Sale

The meat vendor  dressed and clean the rabbit before putting them on sale.

Meat Vendors

Man is burning hair from the dead pig.

Night Market – 24/7

Every town has one store that open 24 hours.

Market Place Amid Apartments

Market places are funny. They tend to stay where they are even when apartment buildings are built. The market place was here for a hundred years.

Garment Factory

This garment factory is set up in the south part of Taicheng near a market place. Garment factories run 24/7. It is piece work so when there is…

Woman Selling Green Onions

In the market place, the competition is tight. Usually they throw in extras like a bunches of green onions. This build loyalty and a repeat customer.

Closing for the Night

In the stall of the market place, every person has a way of closing shop. This man ┬áhad a metal frame work built into his sales area. Each…

Whole Goat

Before the customers arrive, one can see a whole goat, dressed and ready for sale. China is home to more than 100 million meat goats. Farmers produce a…

Ducks For Sale

In the market place, there are a ton of duck vendors. Each one putting out their best product to entice customers.

Silkie (Black) Chickens

Silkie chickens are a highly-prized breed of chicken that has beautiful silky white plumage, and startlingly black skin. They are frequently found in China, India, and Southeast Asia….

Shoes For Sales

When a shoe store isn’t possible, then shoe sales at the open market takes place.

Chalking Prices

Vendors who don’t rent a regular spot tend to lay out their wares on the street (there are only sidewalks on the main streets). They write their prices…

Fresh Vegetables

People shop for the freshest and best vegetables they can find.

Night Market

People like their fruits and vegetables fresh.