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Fresh Goat

People like fresh meat – the fresher, the better. This man is cutting off a portion of fresh goat just sold.

Meat Cutter

Pork, chicken and fish are the most common meats sold.

Vendors are Scheduled

Lonely Meat Vendor

In Guanghai, the main road is far away from here. On this secondary road, there is little competition. These vendors are lonesome waiting for customers.

Goat Parts

As customers come in they ask for different parts of the goat. The butcher happily obliges them. What you see here is what’s left to sell or discard.

Goat Heads

Goat heads are a testament to the popularity of goat meat. One of the┬álargest importers of sheep and goat meat is China. Goat meat is tasty and sweet…

Menu of Dog and Cat

Dog and cat meat is common in China as well as Canada and Mexico. In the United States, we only eat dog when meat is scarce like during…

Butcher cutting chicken

This butcher is cutting frozen chicken. They sell hundred of pounds of frozen chicken. Their chicken is imported from Brazil, United States, and Canada.

Drying Meat

Drying meat is a common practice especially before refrigeration. Many people still do not have refrigerators. Refrigerators only became a common item about twenty years ago.