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Fire Department

The fire department here is no different then any other in the world.

Casting Net

Fishing is a passion and an occupation.

Stick Stick Man

Stick-Stick men hang around shopping malls, train stations and bus depots. In this case, a funeral.

Garment Factory On The Street

People work weekdays and on weekends. There are over 10 million garment workers in China. They average $1.26 per hour.

Boat leaving for fishing

Boat leaving

Police Issuing Ticket

Vendors are Scheduled

Kite Flying Day

Every year, in September there are kite flying days. People come, buy a kite, and fly it.

Drying Shrimp

Dry shrimp in used as a favoring in a lot of Chinese cooking.

Combine in the Field

The combine harvests one mu at a time. They get paid by the mu.

Harvesting Rice

This combine reaps, winnow, and bags the rice.

Fishing Boats Tied Up

Done for the day.

Old Hospital Sign

The old hospital sign is all that remains.

Cargo Ship

Small ships deliver the freight to the island.

Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard recycling is a must. Each year in China, 20.6 billion packages* are sent.  Each package contain a lot of cardboard and cushion material. After the customer removes…

Market Place Amid Apartments

Market places are funny. They tend to stay where they are even when apartment buildings are built. The market place was here for a hundred years.

Fancy Gate

This fancy gate leads to a small village in the town. It contains the village office, Na Ma Xin Jai Chuan,  and severals small businesses.


Farming is labor intensive. Tractors reduce manpower and are necessary to carry out farm work. Unfortunately, China still has a long ways to go in mechanising their farms.

Burning Papers

Burning papers are a good way of destroying evidence. Paper shredders leave a trail which can be, although tedious, put back together.

Building A Wall

Stone walls such as this one requires a lot of patience and perseverance. This wall must match the decor of Taishan #1 high school and last a long…