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Shang Chuan Downtown

Shang Chuan frontage road.

Mohawk Driver

A “mohawk” man waits for his next customer.


The equivalent to FedEx, China uses motorcycles to deliver packages.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

Collecting Organic Feed

The farmer contracts with meat vendors in the market to buy the remains. He takes the remains home to feed his pigs or fish.

Police Issuing Ticket

Woman and Toddler

Woman and toddler returning from market.

Woman and Baby

Woman standing in doorway rocking baby. Her place is small.

Vendors are Scheduled

Town Gate

This gate was donated by overseas Chinese from Canada.

Crab Anyone?

This woman is selecting a fresh crab for dinner.

Woman Drying Vegetables

Too much vegetables to sell, so she is drying some.

Motorcycle Parking Lot

There are more motorcycles except bicycles than any other vehicle on the road. Naturally, they have parking lots. China has sold 26.4 million motorcycles in 2012, comparatively, motorcycle sales in…

Faith with Scooter

This my friend Faith. Like many people in China she drives a scooter. Scooters are the next step up from bicycles. Although they add to air  pollution, they…

Overhang on Motorcycle

In the rain, the Chinese have an ingenious way of solving their problem. They use a light weight, single point anchor  ‘overhang’ to ward off the rain.

Old Buildings

Typical old building built in the 20’s to 40′ era. *the street dentist operating from the alley. It’s on another slide.

Illegal Motorcycle Storage

This ramshackle motorcycle storage is illegal. Once the housing is built code enforcement is minimum.

Motorcycle Storage

These are storage rooms for motorcycle and a little space left over. If left outside, motorcycles are stolen on a regular basis. Sometimes they even break into storage…

Gated Community

The middle class has discovered gated communities, more are on the way. This is the main entrance. Security guard is on 24 hours. They also have gardeners and…

Dad and His Daughter Snacking

Probably just picked his daughter up from school. They pause to have a snack together.


This barber set up business around the lake, a mirror, a chair, and haircutting and shaving tools – 15 rmb