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Rainy Traffic

Rain does not keep people from going where they want to go. This includes the man on the cellphone with prone tanks on his bike.

Rainy Weather

People waiting for the bus in rainy weather. Rainy weather is prevalent during the months of July and August because Taishan is close to the sea,

Rock Lion

The lion the symbol of Shi Far Shan, the major park in Taishan.


Spire was built to attract tourists.

Wedding Preppers

Wedding are the most expensive thing in a couple’s life.

Garment Factory On The Street

People work weekdays and on weekends. There are over 10 million garment workers in China. They average $1.26 per hour.

Gold Columns

This is the first shopping mall in Taishan.

Taicheng Cityscape

Like all cities, Taishan has its share of congestion.

Rice Paddies

Rice is being planted. While, off in the distance, a pagoda reminds us of the sacrifices made by others.

Kite Flying Day

Every year, in September there are kite flying days. People come, buy a kite, and fly it.

Women’s Hospital

This Women’s hospital was donated by overseas Chinese.

Town Gate

This gate was donated by overseas Chinese from Canada.

Longqi Wan Beach

Longqi Wan beach at low tide. This is a popular resort with lots of activities for kids and adults.

Pu Hung Jie

When the shops open, this “People Walking” street gets crowded.

Flying Tigers Memorial

Twenty-five percent of the Flying Tigers came from Taishan. They were the maintenance and ground crew and one was a pilot. This memorial can be found in Shi Far…

Beggar On Dolly

Pu Hung Jie where beggars and the well-off meet.

Street Scene

Pu Hung Jie

The street are filled with people; shops are opened for business, there even churches and schools; and  there is the Gao Ye hotel at the end of the…

Planting Rice

Generally, from hill to hill the flat land in between is plowed. Then it takes a team of people to plant rice.

Swimming Pool

In a more expensive gated community, this swimming exist for use of the residents. There are also swim lessons.

Sky Bridge

This sky bridge overlooks Pu Hung Jie, people walking street. It is a landmark.