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Dual Poncho

One poncho covers two persons like what this woman and her son is wearing.

Rainy Traffic

Rain does not keep people from going where they want to go. This includes the man on the cellphone with prone tanks on his bike.

Melon Sales in the Rain

Despite the rain, sales must go on.

Rainy Weather

People waiting for the bus in rainy weather. Rainy weather is prevalent during the months of July and August because Taishan is close to the sea,

Man Walking In Rain

Man walking his motorcycle in the rain.


The buses are fairly modern with video monitor for backing-up.

Mohawk Cha in the Rain

The driver is looking to see if I want a ride.

Buses In The Rain

Buses in the rain.

Countryside in the Rain

During the rain people rest or do work indoors. The rice is planted and the fields are growing. The tricyclist peddles down the road. Quiet.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain can’t keep people indoors when they must go out.

Vegetable Vendor in the Rain

Vendors must sell, rain or shine, to earn their daily bread. The Chinese pick the best fresh vegetables they can find. The veggies should be young and tender, have a…

Women in the Rain

Despite the rain, these women have to be out.

Overhang on Motorcycle

In the rain, the Chinese have an ingenious way of solving their problem. They use a light weight, single point anchor  ‘overhang’ to ward off the rain.

Bicyclist in the Rain

Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow (?) stops bicyclist. The oversize umbrella and small bicycle doesn’t stop him either.

Lone Vendor in the Rain

Rain or shine, vendors work all hours and weather.