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Ren Kung Wu Panorama

Northern edge of north lake of Ren Kung Wu.

Kung Fu

Saturday morning, Kids attend a Kung Fu class by Ren Kung Wu, a lake.

Cleaner, Ren Kung Wu

In his boat, he goes around Ren Kung Wu Lake cleaning.

Classic Ren Kung Wu

Bridge with mini-pagoda, Ren Kung Wu.

Ren Kung Wu

Ren Kung Wu – eastside. The Chinese love building stopping places to rest and relax. Here are pavilions which can accommodate parties and other gatherings.

Ren Kung Wu with Hotel and Spire

This is the north end of Ren Kung Wu. It has the newly builded Count’s Peninsula ((hotel and condo), and play area, (line dancing, basketball, ping pong, etc).

Ren Kung Wu

The lake is popular. At night, they are allow to drive in, set up, cook dinner, and party.

Grey Day at Ren Kung Wu

Sunshine and lollypops are part of the photographer’s kit but reality sets in. It’s a grey day at Ren Kung Wu. Not many people are out, business is…