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Woman In Field

Holding her bags, a woman waits her turn.

Planting Rice

It takes a village to plant a rice field. China has one-eighth the arable land that the United States has. It also has 1,373+ million people while the…

Drying Grain

After the floods, mattress and rice is spread across the drive way to dry.

Harvest, Hauling Rice

Husband and wife haul just harvested rice home.

Rice Paddies

Rice is being planted. While, off in the distance, a pagoda reminds us of the sacrifices made by others.

Gai Shui Wu Bin

This little village is where my mom lived for age 3 to 10.

Fertilizing Rice Paddy

In China, any farmer’s still use organic fertilizer in their rice paddies. However, 80% of farmers use chemical fertilizers because they can raise more crops in the same amount…

Combine Can’t Get It All

This woman follows the combine on the field. She cuts the grains which the combine can’t reach and throw it into the combine.

Harvesting Rice

This combine reaps, winnow, and bags the rice.

Quiet Country Road

A beautiful quiet country road.

Combine In Fields

The combine reaps, winnows, and bags the rice.

Rice Into Seedlings

These farmers are preparing the bedding for raw rice. The soil comes from the bottom of the reservoir which is rich in nutrients. It is spread over dimpled…

Planting Rice

Generally, from hill to hill the flat land in between is plowed. Then it takes a team of people to plant rice.

Drying Rice

Drying rice requires a lot of space. Therefore, people use driveway, highway, or a parking lot for drying. The dried rice makes removing chaff easier.