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Road Turbines

A rainy road and turbines for electricity.

Shang Chuan Downtown

Shang Chuan frontage road.

Man Walking In Rain

Man walking his motorcycle in the rain.


In the mountains are the turbines. China is trying to be self-sufficient.

Narrow Road

Our bus driver follows the pickup as they make their way though traffic.

Taicheng Cityscape

Like all cities, Taishan has its share of congestion.

Quiet Country Road

A beautiful quiet country road.

A Gaggle of Geese

While driving down a country road we turn the corner and ran into this gaggle of geese. The geese tender with her red flag shooed the geese away…

Gai Shui Bridge

This small and narrow bridge connects rural farms to the main road.


This tractor is moving from one field to another.

Absorbed in Cell Phone

She is eating breakfast at the edge of the road. Her eyes never left her cell phone.

Drying Rice

Drying rice requires a lot of space. Therefore, people use driveway, highway, or a parking lot for drying. The dried rice makes removing chaff easier.

Truck with a Ton of Rocks

These rocks are destine for a milling machine.