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Military Owned Hospital

Out in the country, this hospital serves military and civilian personnal.


After lunch, workers returning to work.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

South Bus Station

Stations are designated by their location. This one is located in the south and handles most of the traffic heading south.

Food Safety Sign

All restaurants must display this sign.

Drumming Up Business

High on a ladder she perches, shouting into the microphone and waving a sign, “Come Shop Here,” she seems to say.

Sign – “Don’t Throw Dead Dogs”

Fire Sign

This sign is in the Phoenix hotel. To work in the hotel it is mandatory you speak some English. Where is the fire?

Be Careful

This sign is asking the drivers and pedestrians to be careful.

Foreigners Warning

This sign is prominent in the lobby of the Phoenix hotel. It tells what one can or cannot do.

Way Into the Night

Way into the night, these vendors wait for customers.  

Food Safety

To assure the public, public health inspection are conducted of all restaurants. Would you eat here?

Student Beggar

This student is beggaring for money because, she says, ‘she spent her tuition money on her boyfriend.’ Who do you believe?