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Conducting Inventory

Since the opening of China, some entrepreneurs have build chain stores. They have hired girls to conduct inventory, stock shelves, check out customers. I notice the stores conduct…

Man Sleeping

Man taking his afternoon nap.

Rabbit For Sale

The meat vendor  dressed and clean the rabbit before putting them on sale.

Meat Vendors

Man is burning hair from the dead pig.

Garfield and Porky

All methods are used to attract business, including these characters.

Tired Vegetable Vendor

Food vendors work long hours.

Mohawk Cha in the Rain

The driver is looking to see if I want a ride.

Pu Hung Jie

When the shops open, this “People Walking” street gets crowded.

Buying Shoes

Picking a shoe is not easy. Which one is a knock-off?

Clothes Store

Like in America, stores open late.

Woman Watching Me

In a shop full of watches, this woman is watching me watch her. My intention was to photograph her conundrum in picking a watch.

Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes

Picking the right shoe from so many choices, Not only that, one has to look out for the knock-offs.