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Trash, Trash, and More Trash

The amount of trash generate in this town knows no bounds.  People litter all over the place. There a constant parade of sweepers going around the town just…


Spire was built to attract tourists.

Garment Factory On The Street

People work weekdays and on weekends. There are over 10 million garment workers in China. They average $1.26 per hour.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

San Clop Street Scene

San Clop, in a small town, hardly anyone walks the streets.

Taicheng Cityscape

Like all cities, Taishan has its share of congestion.

Dai Gong, Hanging Clothes

Women washing and drying clothes.


The buses are fairly modern with video monitor for backing-up.

Pu Hung Jie

When the shops open, this “People Walking” street gets crowded.

Buying Cauliflower

People go shopping everyday because they  like their food fresh.

Street Scene

Pu Hung Jie

The street are filled with people; shops are opened for business, there even churches and schools; and  there is the Gao Ye hotel at the end of the…

‘Tiger’ Crossing Road

When a ‘car’ needs repair it is taken across the road to a ‘garage.’ When done the boy drives it across the road to Shi Fa Shan park…

Who Wants A Chassis?

It seem like they took everything possible from this scooter. Who wants a chassis?

Women in the Rain

Despite the rain, these women have to be out.


Kindling is always needed for wood-burning stoves. Even though the town is modernizing some people are left behind.

Han How, Chixi

This is one of the newest and most modern village. It has wide main street, nice store fronts, adequate street lighting, mark cross walks, and signal lights. What…

Moving Inventory

These girls are moving inventory from one location to another. It is common practice on Pu Hung Jie (People Walking Street). Some of the stores are owned by…

Street in Sanhe

Rainy day in Sanhe.


With firecrackers finish, this bride is going to the restaurant join the groom for the rest of the festivities.

Guang Hai

The main drag of Guang Hai runs two miles to the waterfront.