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Geese Everywhere

Driving a country road can be hazardous. Rounding a bend we came upon this gaggle of geese. The farmer lets the geese munch on the greens at the…

Dil Lou in Water

Dil Lou is a “fortress” built in the 1920-1930 era. They were designed to ward off bandits. Generally, it is the tallest building in the village. This Dil…

Ren Kung Wu Panorama

Northern edge of north lake of Ren Kung Wu.

Man Fishing, Kids Playing

Man finds a quiet moment while the kids play above.

Military Owned Hospital

Out in the country, this hospital serves military and civilian personnal.

Xavier’s Graveyard

St. Francis Xavier graveyard – the site of his first burial.

Village On The River

Village on the river.

Village In The Valley

Quiet, unassuming, and docile, this village provides some of the town’s workforce.


In the mountains are the turbines. China is trying to be self-sufficient.

Kid Sweeper

Kid is learning to work.

San Clop Street Scene

San Clop, in a small town, hardly anyone walks the streets.

Dai Gong, Hanging Clothes

Women washing and drying clothes.

Taicheng, New Year’s

Man photographing the New Year’s decoration in Shi Far Shan park.

Bridge of Matrimony

Each year, hundreds of brides come to the bridge for pictures.

Boat leaving for fishing

Fertilizing Rice Paddy

In China, any farmer’s still use organic fertilizer in their rice paddies. However, 80% of farmers use chemical fertilizers because they can raise more crops in the same amount…

Woman Drying Table Clothes

Combine in the Field

The combine harvests one mu at a time. They get paid by the mu.

Flying Tigers Memorial

Twenty-five percent of the Flying Tigers came from Taishan. They were the maintenance and ground crew and one was a pilot. This memorial can be found in Shi Far…


Ren Kung Wu has multiple bridges and islands.

Bridge And Trees

Ren Kung Wu has multiple bridges and islands.