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Mandy At Reservoir

Mandy at reservoir.

Taicheng Street Scene

A crowded street, people rushing, cars crushing, and people getting no where fast.

Taicheng Herb Vendor

Herbs vendor occupies a street corner.

Tower From River

Before one crosses the bridge one can look up to the spire.

Mei Courtyard

This beautiful plaza is huge with lots of different facades.

Meeting Hall

It is rumoured that Mao Zedong gave a speech in this hall.

Umbrella Woman

On Pu Hung Jie, this woman set up her umbrellas and waits for customers.

Women in the Rain

Despite the rain, these women have to be out.

Street in Sanhe

Rainy day in Sanhe.

Buy Chicken Parts

Some people are really picky about what their family eats. So, they choose carefully.

Umbrella Repair

In the U.S., we threw away a broken umbrella. In China, they repair them.

Lone Vendor in the Rain

Rain or shine, vendors work all hours and weather.