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Girl and Her Mom

I noticed a lot of kids wait for their parents to get off work. In a one-person business, this means the kids stay with their parents the whole…

Checking Bills

Counterfeiting is widespread. This includes bills, shoes, cellphone and more.

Long Beans

Beans grow anywhere. These long beans are found the side of the road. She harvests as much as she needs for the daily meal. Everywhere in China, farmers…

Woman Selling Green Onions

In the market place, the competition is tight. Usually they throw in extras like a bunches of green onions. This build loyalty and a repeat customer.

Vegetable Vendor in the Rain

Vendors must sell, rain or shine, to earn their daily bread. The Chinese pick┬áthe best fresh vegetables they can find.┬áThe veggies should be young and tender, have a…

Washing Vegetables

Preparing dinner, she is washing vegetables under a faucet. The faucet is connected via PVC to a larger PVC which is connect to a storage tank up the…

Farmer and her garden

After selling her produce on the market, she returns to her garden.

Average Meal

The average meal consist of vegetables with meat for flavor, fish, and rice.