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Meat Cutter

Pork, chicken and fish are the most common meats sold.

Taicheng Herb Vendor

Herbs vendor occupies a street corner.

Tired Vegetable Vendor

Food vendors work long hours.

Vendors are Scheduled

Fruit Vendors

My cousin, Yuen, sells fruit when its in season. There are five persons in their cohort. They have four carts and travel together to get the fruit, sell…

Vendor and Little Girl

This little girl can barely peer into the cart but she knows what she wants. These carts usually sell boil turnip and pig intestines.

Vegetable Vendor in the Rain

Vendors must sell, rain or shine, to earn their daily bread. The Chinese pick the best fresh vegetables they can find. The veggies should be young and tender, have a…

Fruit Vendor in the Rain

Rain or shine, vendors have to be out there selling. She has for sale wampee fruit. Medicinal Uses The wampee is said to have stomachic and cooling effects and…

Truck Vendor

This truck vendor sells ginger, garlic, and, sweet potatoes.

Vendors Waiting for School Kids

School children are the target of these vendors. Hence, they sell snacks.