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Community Toilet

This village is in the heart of town; the toilet is used by the residents of this┬ávillage. The few new buildings with indoor plumbing are mixed in with…

Wok Cooking

Cooking for a birthday celebration.

Village On Both Sides Of River

Village on both sides of the river.

Village In The Valley

Quiet, unassuming, and docile, this village provides some of the town’s workforce.

Qian Cheng

Preparing for a celebration.


Harvesting the granite made the village wealthy and gave them money to invest in a dragon fruit orchard.


Gates are a tradition; each village has one.

Dirt Village

People come to Taishan for economic benefits. They live in humble conditions, raise chickens and pigs, and prepare to return home better than they came.

A Quiet Country Road

A quiet country road.

Gai Shui Wu Bin

This little village is where my mom lived for age 3 to 10.

Vendors are Scheduled

Abandon Village

Cooking With Fire Tender

Celebration calls for building special cooking woks.

Han How, Chixi

This is one of the newest and most modern village. It has wide main street, nice store fronts, adequate street lighting, mark cross walks, and signal lights. What…