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Raft And Bay

Fishermen tie-up their boats and go ashore on rafts.

Shang Chuan Harbor

Shang Chuan harbor is busy with lots of small boats and freighters.

Raft, Crab Catch

Fishermen pole themselves ashore with their tiny catches.

Bridge of Matrimony

Each year, hundreds of brides come to the bridge for pictures.

Farmer’s Feet

Hard work, low pay, and long hours are the fate of the farmer.

Ditch Building

Unlike the U.S., ditching building is done one brick at a time.

Woman Fetching Water

This woman gives in a village that has no running water, Daily, she must fetch water from the reservoir for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

As the wealth of Taishan increases more access is being created, that is more bridges across rivers. Pretty soon, it will be like America where the rivers and…


This boat didn’t make it out of the harbor. It was shipwrecked.

Safe Haven For Boats

There are very few places boats can be safe from storms. But among these rocks, the boats are sheltered from the storm.

Man Stepping Between Boats

This man is putting the things in order, ship shape and ready to go out tomorrow.

Hosing A Parking Lot

In Phoenix Gardens, the area where the richest people live, even the parking lot gets watered.

Boats at Rest

These fishing boats are done for the day. They are shallow draft and their motors are tilted up. The fishermen tied them up close and walk to shore.

Ship at Rest

Large ships wait for their turn at the facilities.

Fetching Water

A woman must water her garden. She fetches water from her village reservoir.

Girl Looking At Leaves

This is a reservoir located at a temple. This girl descended the stairs just to look at the leaves.


Sunrise Hot Springs is among the most popular. There is a lap pool, four different temperature pools, and, medicinal pools. But the huge wave generating pool is the…

White Water Rafting

Water water rafting is not like America’s. In America, one is free to encounter every rock, every twist and turn, and, every drop. Here, in China, the water…


Rafting in China does not includes wild rivers like America. The rivers are controlled, the water are in troughs, and there is a man with a pole at…


The water used in this reservoir converts to piped drinking water.