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Dual Poncho

One poncho covers two persons like what this woman and her son is wearing.

Melon Sales in the Rain

Despite the rain, sales must go on.

Welfare Lottery

There are all sorts of Lottery in China. Some benefit welfare recipients, hospitals, and emergency relief. This lottery benefits sports.┬áRegardless, the lottery here, like in America, is a…

Conducting Inventory

Since the opening of China, some entrepreneurs have build chain stores. They have hired girls to conduct inventory, stock shelves, check out customers. I notice the stores conduct…

Geese Everywhere

Driving a country road can be hazardous. Rounding a bend we came upon this gaggle of geese. The farmer lets the geese munch on the greens at the…

Girl and Her Mom

I noticed a lot of kids wait for their parents to get off work. In a one-person business, this means the kids stay with their parents the whole…

Fried Eggs

Eggs are a common sight. People sell fresh, boil, preserved, and fried eggs. At a shopping mall promotion, this woman sells with her own twist fried eggs.

Chung Fun

Chung fun is fast food. You order it with the ingredients you like. Almost instantly, she ladle a scoop of liquid dough in the pan, adds your ingredients,…

Girl in the Playpen

On weekends, Si Hua Shan is filled with vendors, rides, and games. In one of the concession, this woman is playing with her son.

Snack Shack Woman On Roof

At the school entrance was this snack shack.

Mandy At Reservoir

Mandy at reservoir.

Naan Vendor

Naan vendors making, baking and selling their bread.

Woman On Tricycle

This woman had a hard day.

Woman In Field

Holding her bags, a woman waits her turn.

Restaurant On Move

This mobile restaurant has all it needs to be in business – food, cooking equipment, and chairs.

Orange Man

Orange vendor lets the woman pick her own oranges.

Taicheng, New Year’s

Man photographing the New Year’s decoration in Shi Far Shan park.

Cross Stitching

Cross stitching is another way of earning extra money.

Corn snack

It takes two photos to tell the story. This how the “corn puffs” come out. Then, they are broken at a specific length, bagged, and sold.

Pu Hung Jie

Before the crowds get here, they decorate the street.