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Fried Eggs

Eggs are a common sight. People sell fresh, boil, preserved, and fried eggs. At a shopping mall promotion, this woman sells with her own twist fried eggs.

Chung Fun

Chung fun is fast food. You order it with the ingredients you like. Almost instantly, she ladle a scoop of liquid dough in the pan, adds your ingredients,…

Garment Factory

These people are trimming the loose threads, correcting misalignments, and, in general, looking at the quality of the product. As I understand it, as a group, they are paid…

Trash, Trash, and More Trash

The amount of trash generate in this town knows no bounds.  People litter all over the place. There a constant parade of sweepers going around the town just…

Planting Rice

It takes a village to plant a rice field. China has one-eighth the arable land that the United States has. It also has 1,373+ million people while the…


The equivalent to FedEx, China uses motorcycles to deliver packages.

Garment Factory On The Street

People work weekdays and on weekends. There are over 10 million garment workers in China. They average $1.26 per hour.

Dai Gong, Hanging Clothes

Women washing and drying clothes.

Phone Protectors For Sale

On Pu Hung Jie, these entrepreneurs  wait for the crowds.

Artificial Flowers

Small factories take the jobs large factories won’t take. Giving everyone a chance at economic gains.

Kite Flying Day

Every year, in September there are kite flying days. People come, buy a kite, and fly it.

Quan Yin worshipers

Dried Salted Fish

Dried salted fish is a staple if the Chinese diet. There a huge variety of fish to choose from.

“Slaughter Cow” festival in Shui Bu

Held in September, “Slaughter Cow” is a minor festival. They say you can see the “cow cry” just before they are slaughtered.

Oyster Shuckers

On the street, with buses and cars passing, there were seven women and one supervisor sitting there shucking oysters. They worked hard and they worked fast. They were…

Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard recycling is a must. Each year in China, 20.6 billion packages* are sent.  Each package contain a lot of cardboard and cushion material. After the customer removes…

Piece Work

All around the world, piece work is done usually by the poor or those trying to get ahead. Taishan is no different. These women are plugging in electronic…

Market Place Amid Apartments

Market places are funny. They tend to stay where they are even when apartment buildings are built. The market place was here for a hundred years.

Garment Factory

This garment factory is set up in the south part of Taicheng near a market place. Garment factories run 24/7. It is piece work so when there is…

Woman Selling Green Onions

In the market place, the competition is tight. Usually they throw in extras like a bunches of green onions. This build loyalty and a repeat customer.

Women in the Rain

Despite the rain, these women have to be out.